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Video for the month of June Drive the Hope Princeton in 1966

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Event Ideas


Calling All Musicians!

If you are interested in a Jam session as an event let us know!


Collector Car Show

We have created an area to show your cars here but is there interest in doing an annual show in Sunshine Valley. Send car pictures to John Devlin

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Yard sale in June or July

please let us know if there is interest in this idea, spots $10 each

SCCC Events 2018

All events are subject to there being enough Volunteers

 Have a look through the events,even if you can commit to one event not only the Adults but the Children will benefit from a Day or Evening of Fun. Please click the Volunteer Button and send us a note as to what you are able to help with. 

If you have any pictures of events please send them to me

2018 SCCC Events

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