1959 Chrysler Saratoga

Owned by Alan Waldron

Another View

1964 Alpine

Owned by Alan Waldron

67 Fairlane 500

Owned by Marcel Marier

 289 cammed out 4 speed top loader 

56 Rocket 88

Owned by Rick Francoeur

1959 Squarebird

Owned once by John and Joanne Devlin

Sadly missed after we sold it.

Rear View 59 Squarebird

Sigh miss it

55 Ford

Was Owned by John and Joanne Devlin

again sadly missed

68 Volkswagon Beetle

Owned By Leslie-Jo Field

 1968 VW Beetle - original interior and 3rd place winner in the Vintage Class at Coquitlam A&W car show in 2014! 

68 Volkswagon Beetle

Owned by Leslie-Jo Field

67 Fairlane 500XL,69 Falcon and 2010 427 Roush

Owned by Fred Risbey

 Red car 67 Fairlane 500XL
Blue car 69 Falcon
Grey car 2010 427 Roush  

56 Dodge Power Wagon

Owned by Aaron Harris

1968 Fargo short box

Owned by Robert Simpson

 318 v8 4 on the floor  .

1978 Mustang King Cobra

Owned by Angie Hall


It has 4 way independent suspension, both the IFS and IRS are chrome or polished aluminium. Under the hood is a 5 litre Roush crate engine with many chrome or polished accents.  Car has been autographed by George Barris, Chip Foose, Don Garlitz, Jack Roush and others.