The sunshine valley Co-operative club (SCCC) has for over 37 years served as a collective democratic format to plan and deal with social and recreational activities in the Sunshine valley.

 The SCCC is a non profit organization incorporated on Nov.9, 1979 under the Cooperative Act of B.C. Our memorandum of association ( revised May 18, 2003 at a general meeting) states that we sponsor and promote community activities of all kinds for the benefit of our members and their families and buy, sell and otherwise deal in merchandise of all kinds.

Over the years. The SCCC along with SVDL (Sunshine Valley developments ltd.) has negotiated with B.C, Hydro for funding to bring hydro to the Valley and lobbied the Greater Vancouver Regional district and to deregulate Sunshine Valley from their building regulations, successfully lobbied for school pick up and postal service to the valley, got valley residents exempted from Hope Hope pool construction levy, helped in rip-rapping of the Sumallo river for erosion protection, organized a neighbourhood watch. The fire department is now independent.

When SVDL initiated the concept of a recreational area back in1972 they had already set up the basis of a community club to handle all recreation, social, and community activities. This club would gain it's funding from a recreational fee levied to each lot or lease in the valley and this was spelled out to all purchasers in the beginning. With these funds SVDL built, re modelled and maintained the recreational facilities in the valley.

In 1974 the Co-operative Act of  B.C. was changed and SCCC membership was no longer compulsory.

On January 1, 2002 SVDL turned over all recreational buildings and facilities along with 3.5 acres of land for a $10.00 fee. SCCC paid the cost of surveying and legal fees. Along with this came the stipulation that the SCCC collect all recreation fees from land owners and lease holders that wish to be members of the of the SCCC.

As of  January1, 2004 the recreation fees were increased from $23.00 to $26.00 per month. This increase was approved by the membership at the SCCC AGM in October2003. Of this $26.00 a special building fund was to be set up with $1.25 of each month's fee being put into this fund. The fund is to construct within the existing facilities an adult room to be open more often in the off season for card games, socializing and as a generl meeting place for the valley residents. 

At the 2015 AGM dues were increased again to $30.00 a month per family, dues can be paid by cheque, Visa or bank transfer. The SCCC through it's volunteer Board of Directors ( elected from each Village in S.V.) maintains, operates, repairs and improves ( providing funds are available) the recreational facilities.

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