New Security System

Hello SCCC Members

 Security System Update: use one fob only when accessing the security system as having two fobs together can cause a problem. Bring fob  and touch the keypad until yellow light flashes and wait a few seconds and then key in your provided 5 digit pin number. If unsure of your number contact +12898018537 or SCCCmembers@shaw.ca . Be careful inputting your pin number as the keypad is sensitive and can easily enter a number twice accidentally.  When the green light flashes wait a couple seconds and pull on the door towards you, you do not have to turn the handle.   If you get a red light flashing wait 30 Seconds and repeat the process. If unsuccessful contact the number or.mail above.. 

We are pleased to announce that the security system is now operational and your fobs and pin will be required to access the facility.  if you have not already received your fobs either by picking them up or by mail you may pick them up on Saturdays  10 - 4 only from Ryan at the Tashme museum located adjacent to the SCCC facility. 

Please note that Ryan has kindly offered to hand out the remaining fobs but is in no way responsible or able to deal with issues of fobs or pin numbers not working. If you find you do not have a set of fobs at the museum and or have any issues with access please email SCCCmembers@shaw,ca or call  1-289-801-8537.

When trying to access the center use one fob and bring it near the keypad outside the new security doors either at the pool house or rec center, the pad will light up showing it is active and then key in your pin number . The keypad will then light up green indicating the door has unlocked.The facility will still only be accessible during the posted opening hours. 

Many thanks for your patience in the installation and start up of the system and continued patience should any glitches occur in the early stages of operation. The system does appear to be working well and we look forward to having a safe and secure facility for our paying members and guests from here on. Along with the secure access there will also be security in the form of a regularly changing password for internet access to keep the service exclusive to paying members as well and prevent unwarranted access. Look for information coming very soon.

There will be two fobs per household supplied, any lost or additional fobs required there is a $25 charge per fob

Keep your dues current for continued access. 

Thank you,

SCCC board.