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Sunshine Valley


Sunshine Valley is a 1300 acre tract of land located like a gem in a vast wilderness park. Its eastern boundary is less than 2 miles from Manning Park's west entrance.

There is a rich & interesting history connected to the valley; beginning when engineers pushed the Old Dewdny Trail through to Princeton. In the 1920's, an enterprising mining executive by the name of Amos B. Trites acquired this property and named it A.B. Trites Hope Ranch.

When World War II broke out, the Canadian Government took over the valley and interred 3000 Japanese Canadians there. After the war, the property was returned to its former owner who continued to raise prize beef and dairy cattle; until it was sold to the Boys Town Association in 1955.

In 1962, an American firm bought the property planning to develop it into a resort. The Hope Slide occurred in January 1965, providing a viewpoint at the west end of this picturesque valley.

Two brothers named Don and Ray Low bought the property in May 1970 and decided to call it Sunshine Valley, realizing the potential of this unique valley, they made plans to transform it into a beautiful, year-round Recreational, Residential Community - less than two hours from Vancouver BC.

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The Hope Slide

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