Hot Tub Closire


 Hello SCCC members,

 Please be advised that the hot tub will be closed on the weekend of June 8 - 10 to facilitate the pool plumbing repairs being done for the upcoming season.

Member Blair Macisaac  of AAA Drains, Octiscapes drainage and JJM Mechanical have very generously offered to do the concrete cutting, excavation , Pipe repair / replacement  and boiler installation at no charge to the Club!.

This will be a much needed, huge improvement to the facility and will benefit all of us so again a huge thanks to these guys for stepping up to do this for us!.

Thank you in advance for your patience while these repairs get done and you will be advised as to the progress. If you are able to volunteer some time to help this and some other tasks ie. the tennis court fence repair and painting of trim and playground components  please advise asap. We are planning on having an open house on Saturday June 30th and would like to have the place looking as good as possible. There are numerous small jobs to be done and as they say many hands light work so please volunteer whatever time you can.
Thank you,

SCCC board.